Our Story

Want the short story?

Our Bubba hug story is easy to understand. Once upon a time… We (parents) had a problem. I (mother) found a solution. Now we’re delivering it to you – stress-free, cleaner and easier diaper changes.

Our 2-step baby product takes proven mother innovation and applies it to your difficult baby in an easy-to-use feat.

Step 1: Place babies arms and hands in pouch

Step 2: Button up for a snug fit

And diaper changes are back to being easy peasy again. Just like that!

The End.

Or the long story?

We all know there are countless baby gadgets on the market to treat specific problems, but what about difficult diaper changes – like those babies that like to touch once the diaper is off, roll and flip about, most likely getting poop on their hands and elsewhere in the process? Looking around, I discovered that there was just about nothing available tailored for busy mothers on the go. I needed something quick and easy to use, small and very portable.

Not one to shy away from a challenge, I got to work creating an affordable, super-effective product to help parents going through that challenging baby change stage – which can begin as early as 3 months old.

Using 100% cotton with a little elastane for it’s stretchiness, Bubba hug is designed to work its magic on those babies entering the difficult diaper change stage where poop may have a chance of being flung about every time that diaper comes off.

Aside from being ultra-convenient and easy to use, the best part about Bubba hug is that once it’s no longer needed for those challenging times, use it as a bib *can also be used as a clean feeding bib; a medicine dispensing bib; a teeth cleaner bib etc *as reported by other mothers.

It’s time to say good-bye to frustrating diaper changes!

Maria (Creator of 3 children and the Bubba Hug).