How to Use

Sometimes, the simple things in life really are the best.

Once you use our Bubba hug, you’ll experience the instant gratification of stress-free diaper changing – you’ll never need to ask another person for help when changing ever again and you’ll wonder why you put up with so many struggling changes in the past.

The simplest way to keep your baby’s hands clean during diaper changes with Bubba hug.

Step 1 – Put babies arms and elbows into pouch Step 2 – Button up for a snug fit

You’re baby is now ready to lay flat on a clean surface for a clean change.

Change time allows you to build bonds and trust with your little one. Our children have our love, and they deserve our patience too.

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Never leave your baby unattended.
Using Bubba hug during diaper changes goes hand in hand with responsible, nurturing parenting and supervision skills.