As parents we’ve all been there. You’re trying to change your baby and they’re wriggling and waving their little arms about. Bubba hug will help. It’s the fun, simple way to keep your baby’s hands out of the way while changing their diapers.


“Bubba hug is a winner on the plane” when it comes to changing baby Kimoana on the go @valerieadams84 on instagram

“The best baby invention EVER! Thanks @bubbahug for helping us when we need to change an active Stella’s stinky nappy” @kayla.mcalister on instagram

Bubba hug works by keeping your babies arms safely out of the way with it’s patent pending pouch. With 2 quick simple steps, you’re on your way to easy peasy diaper changes again. When no longer needed, use it as a bib *can also be used as a clean feeding bib; a medicine dispensing bib; a teeth cleaner bib etc *as reported by other mothers.

“the constant battle to keep little babes hands away during messy nappy changes or from scratching herself has been made so much easier since using this product. Definitely recommended” @megandalbeth on instagram

“Thanks to @bubbahug we can keep those little hands away from making an even bigger mess!” @life_with_lennox on instagram

“Keeps little wandering hands away from poos so those Mamas and Daddas don’t end up with poo everywhere!” @kahu_and_caige on instagram

“Bella and I tested and it really helped us!” @leticiadream on instagram